Weffan’s unique automated 3D weaving method integrates textile production and garment manufacturing into one fluid step using existing jacquard loom technology.

Weffan’s technology provides an alternative to the systemic inefficiency of clothing manufacturing by redesigning the system as a whole.

Our commitment to reducing waste and inefficiency at every stage means we carefully consider the impact of every material, process, and pattern we use.

LOW-WASTE.- Fewer production steps reduces resource usage
- Less off-cut waste, less material usage in less time
- Local production for a lower carbon footprint
Automation means less production costs for affordable re-shored production.
EFFICIENT.- Weaves the garment into the fabric, merging production steps and shortening lead times
- More responsive to demand
Weffan limits pre-consumer waste with its near-zero garment design technology and eliminates overproduction and long lead times for a demand-driven, efficient, agile, transparent supply chain using existing UK textile loom infrastructure to onshore production closer to the consumer base

Weffan is developing a design template catalogue with different shapes, styles, and materials for fashion brands seeking sustainable solutions to reduce pre-consumer waste and overproduction. 

Weffan is partnered with the University of Leed's 3D Weaving Innovation Centre (3D WIC) and UK-based S Dawes Weaving Ltd. to research and develop its 3D woven garment production method. So if you're a fashion brand interested in exploring zero-waste design garment techniques, sustainable material capabilities, and finishing methods, we're full of ideas for you.

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